Fender Scores Bass Hit With Bass Bash IV!

(Fender | Posted 2007-12-01)

Fender Scores Bass Hit With Bass Bash IV!

Fender’s mid-November Bass Bash IV was a “deeply” resounding success, drawing record attendance for the company’s annual bass gear showcase and bass community get-together, and culminating in an evening of electrifying musical performances. Held at sprawling Burbank, Calif., rehearsal complex Center Staging on Nov. 14-15, the fourth annual Bass Bash continued the longstanding Fender tradition of going straight to musicians—established artists and up-and-comers alike—to talk with them, ask questions and get direct input on the current state and future of Fender bass guitars and bass amps.

And what a list of artists: attendees included Motown bass legend Bob Babbitt; Fender signature bass artists Reggie Hamilton, Roscoe Beck and Frank Bello (Anthrax, Helmet); Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Garbage); Phil Chen (Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck); Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Blue Öyster Cult); Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire); Jimmy Earl (Jimmy Kimmel Live!); session great Neil Stubenhaus and many others.

Dozens of Fender basses and amps were on display on Wednesday, Nov. 14, and artists were invited to test-drive prototypes of future American Standard bass models and contribute feedback directly to Fender marketing managers, designers and builders.

Bass Bash IV culminated in an evening performance on Thursday, Nov. 15, by the Reggie Hamilton Trio, Cosmosquad (featuring Fender clinician Jeff Kollman) and quartet Greg Koch and Other Bad Men, featuring guitar beast Greg Koch, Roscoe Beck, drummer Tom Brechtlein and vocalist Malford Milligan.

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