Smart Loops™ Releases SL MultiTracks Volume 7 in Apple Loops AIFF Format

(Smart Loops | Posted 2007-12-20)

Smart Loops™ Releases SL MultiTracks Volume 7 in Apple Loops AIFF Format

Smart Loops has released SL MultiTracks Volume 7 in Apple Loops format (44.1kHz, 24-bit, Stereo and Mono AIFF files) for improved usability in Mac OS X audio software including GarageBand, Final Cut, Logic Express, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and MOTU's Digital Performer. Previously the multi-track drum loop collections were only available in ACID WAV format.

The latest multi-track drum loop volume includes three libraries perfect for faster and heavier music styles: Fast Rock 1, Medium-Fast Hard Rock 1, and Medium Straight Rock 5.

With SL MultiTracks, computer-based musicians and producers take complete control of the drum mix by discretely mixing volumes, EQ and FX on individual drum and cymbal loops (kick, snare, hats, overheads, and toms). Each MultiTrack groove and one-shot is provided in two ways: as a set of multi-track drum and cymbal loops, and as a complete stereo mix loop.

Pricing and Availability

SL MultiTracks are available for download from for $14.99 per library. SL MultiTracks can also be downloaded as Volumes for $29 each (three libraries per Volume), or as a complete Bundle for $179. For more information visit the company’s web site.

About Smart Loops

Smart Loops is a leading provider of professional audio loops, samples, and web-based recording services. All Smart Loops audio files are performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers.

The Smart Loops libraries allow users to create professional music tracks with the realistic feel and dynamics of a natural performance. Smart Loops products are licensed worldwide, and the company’s audio and MIDI content is an integral part of the best selling music software products on the market. The company’s meticulously produced drum, percussion, guitar, and bass loops are endorsed by Grammy-winning musicians and producers worldwide.

In 2003, Smart Loops launched Live Studio Drums, a web-based multi track drum recording service. Musicians and producers can have a live session drummer sit in on their songs, any time, anywhere, without ever leaving their computer. Live Studio Drums is the fastest, most affordable way to get live multi track drums recorded for any song or music project.

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