BEHRINGER Spins Up Chicago

(Behringer | Posted 2007-12-21)

BEHRINGER Spins Up Chicago

Time Out Chicago named the BEHRINGER BCD3000 their favorite among DJ controllers that “give you the most beat for the buck.” “BEHRINGER has set the bar high with its semipro DJ controller,” they wrote. “It’s working seamlessly right out of the box. [There’s] lots of touchy-feely control, clubworthy sound, and it’s Mac- and PC-friendly.”

But Time Out wasn’t pouring out accolades for nothing—the controller had to first pass their rigorous field test. This involved clothing designer and novice DJ Taryn Parker being ushered into the Tuesday night spotlight at Chicago’s J Bar, armed only with the BCD3000, a laptop and her record collection.

Parker was reportedly timid about delving into the controller’s automatic features that match each song’s tempo and rhythm with the next, but after braving the tough crowd and even earning a cheer or two for her playlist, she said she’s much more at-ease in the DJ arena.

“I feel more confident that I could be a DJ on the side of my bookkeeping/fashion-designer gig,” Parker said. “Maybe just once a week.”

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