Trace Elliot Goes Universal

(Trace Elliot | Posted 2007-12-26)

Trace Elliot Goes Universal

Deep in the heart of Universal Music’s London headquarters lies the Engine Room, a dedicated purpose built recording facility used exclusively by Universal’s vast array of international recording artists ranging from Amy Winehouse to Fall Out Boy, and Klaxons to McFly. Comprising state of the art equipment designed to deliver the best possible results, the studio has now opted to add Trace Elliot to its roster.

Available for use by all of the artists working within The Engine Room, the studio’s new 12 band Trace Elliot head (plus 1518 and 1048 cabs) has already made a big impression, with studio manager David Pollard describing himself as “delighted” to be “associated with such a well known and established brand”. In particular , the Trace Head is often used direct into the mixing desk to add a little Trace magic to recordings.

“It is a real joy to find a quality bass amplifier rated at 1000w. Bass amplification needs raw power even in the studio and the AH1000 delivers it in spades,” explains Pollard. “The amp has a signature Trace Elliot tone and aficionados will appreciate the range of EQ functions and tube drive available. Since they have been available in our studio the amps have been used on a range of recordings and we are very pleased to recommend them to our artists in the studio.”

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