Bree Casedy Impulse Responses Library Released

(ESP | Posted 2008-01-02)

Bree Casedy Impulse Responses Library Released

Studiodevices releases a brand new professional library of impulse-responses named "Bree Casedy". With an amount of 700 MB, this impressive collection sounds stunning detailed and was produced using the brand new american reverberator, released in summer 2007. The ultra high density 24 bit and 96 kHz impulse-responses are capable to meet the highest demands. Every impulse-response is available in stereo und true-stereo, was selected carefully and optimized by experienced audio-engineers for the following convolution process manually. With Bree Casedy library, also you can benefit from the experience of many reputable engineers that where involved in the production. The Bree Casedy library can be used with any convolution plug-in available.

"A must have for every ambitious audio people!"

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