Cool Things In Small Packages - American DJs Upgraded Accu Spot Pro 250-Watt Moving Head Hits The Big Leagues With New Professional Features

(American DJ | Posted 2008-01-11)

Cool Things In Small Packages - American DJs Upgraded Accu Spot Pro 250-Watt Moving Head Hits The Big Leagues With New Professional Features

American DJ has debuted the most “pro” 250-watt moving head in its popular Accu Spot series to date. True to its name, the new Accu Spot Pro is loaded with exciting professional features that provide clubs and establishments with the electrifying effects of a much larger, more expensive DMX moving head, all in an affordable, compact fixture that installs in a cinch.

Among the new features given to Accu Spot Pro are many that are typically found only on 575-watt or larger units. These include: a second gobo wheel, a separate prism wheel with trapezoid prism and 3-facet prism, auto focus, shutter with pulse effect and random strobe, and 0-100% dimming. But with a suggested retail price of just $1,999.95, the Accu Spot Pro is much less expensive than a 575-watt model.

“The Accu Spot Pro is great for clubs who may be on a budget but still want an intelligent moving head with premium features,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It will also appeal to more moderate-sized venues where a 575-watter would just be too big.

“With the compact, affordable-- yet “loaded” -- Accu Spot Pro, you dont have to buy a bigger light than you need to get the professional features you want,” Davies added. “In fact, its got many of the very same features as our 575-watt Accu Spot 575.”

The Accu Spot Pros color wheel produces 8 dichroic colors plus white. Two separate gobo wheels offer 7 static gobos and 6 rotating gobos plus spot, all of which are interchangeable. Set the unit in gobo-indexing mode, and it will automatically scroll through all the gobos - fast or slow, forwards or backwards. Other exciting effects include gobo shake and a shutter with pulse effect and variable strobe ranging from 1-12 flashes per second.

The separate prism wheel - outfitted with a standard 3-facet prism and brand new trapezoid prism - gives the Accu Spot Pro even more versatility than its 250-watt predecessors. The rotating prism effect creates multiple images of the same gobo, allowing users to project their light shows over wide areas of the dance floor or stage. The Accu Spot Pros motor-driven auto focusing feature lets users adjust the focus of the lens from their DMX controller, rather than having to go to the fixture itself. Not only is this a huge convenience, it also gives clubs and lighting directors more options for creating and manipulating effects, such as changing focus from near to far or blurring/sharpening gobo images on the fly.

RDMX Remote DMX Addressing lets you set all of the Accu Spot Pros DMX values remotely from your console. The digital display menus navigation system is easy to operate with its four-button menu system - one each for scrolling forward, scrolling backwards, selecting a function and exiting menus. The unit comes with built-in internal programs, so it can also be run without a DMX controller in sound-active mode or linked in multiples master-slave. Another handy convenience is X-Y automatic repositioning. If the unit accidentally gets bumped or jarred, it will automatically return to the originally set X-Y position the next time it is turned on.

Other cool features of the Accu Spot Pro include an 18° beam angle, 630° pan and 265° tilt, stepper motors with micro stepping for smooth and precise movements, Smart Sense that automatically recognizes if the unit is in DMX or master/slave mode, and an MSD-250/2 250-watt discharge lamp rated at 1,000 hours.

“American DJs top-of-the-line Accu Series of 250-watt discharge fixtures have already established the company as a major player in the install market,” said Davies. “Our new Accu Spot Pro represents a tremendous value for club owners, delivering plenty of power and professional quality for the price.”

The Accu Spot Pro measures 15” x 17.7” x 22” and weighs 51 lbs. The MSRP of the Accu Spot Pro is $1,999.95.

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