Maple Releases New Thick Flamed Maple Snare

(Press Release | Posted 2008-01-16)

Maple Releases New Thick Flamed Maple Snare

Mapex USA has introduced a new model to its line-up of high quality Black Panther snare drums. The Thick Flamed Maple model (BPFM4600THT) features a 15-ply, 12mm thick all maple shell. The drums bearing edges are rounded increasing the shell’s contact with the head. The drums dimensions are 14x6.

“What we’ve created is a snare drum with a dark, full-bodied sound and an incredibly soft feel,” commented Joe Hibbs, Mapex Product Development Manager. “The drum features a deep snare bed to further enrich the sound and enhance player control.”

The exterior ply of the shell is a beautiful highly figured maple veneer that’s been finished in a transparent Honey Maple Burst lacquer that’s been polished to a deep, rich shine that enhances the depth of the wood grain. The drum also features chrome plated, low mass, single-point-of-contact lugs, die cast hoops and a fully adjustable throw-off and butt plate.

The MSRP for the Thick Flamed Maple model is $689.99.

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