Korg Introduces the Pitchjack™ "Plug-In" Guitar and Bass Tuner

(Korg | Posted 2008-02-01)

Korg Introduces the Pitchjack™ "Plug-In" Guitar and Bass Tuner

Korg introduces the pitchjack™, a new addition to its comprehensive tuner line that delivers Korg’s renowned accuracy and reliability in a handy plug-in package. The new tuner plugs directly into a guitar or bass instrument jack and offers the features most sought after by gigging musicians. They include a flat tuning mode that enables a player to tune an instrument up to seven semitones below standard pitch, plus the ability to accurately tune seven-string guitars and six-string basses.

The pitchjack simply plugs directly into an instrument’s input jack, providing quick, accurate tuning virtually anywhere. The adjustable viewing angle of the pitchjack’s display can accommodate different guitar body shapes plus the angle and location of an instrument’s jack.

The pitchjack incorporates a compact folding design. It also accepts a key ring for easy attachment to a gig bag, case or keychain. A built-in LED flashlight provides illumination as needed onstage or in other dimly lit situations. In addition, the pitchjack is available in black, red and white.

The pitchjack’s feature set includes:

• Tuning: 12 note equal temperament
• Detection range:
Guitar B1 (41.20 Hz) – B6 (1975.54 Hz)
Bass B0 (20.60 Hz) – B5 (987.77 Hz)
• Flat tuning: down to 7 semitones
• Detection accuracy: ±1 cent
• Connector: input jack (mono 1/4" jack)
• Battery life: approximately 35 hours
• Dimensions: 1.22" (W) × 5.39" (D) × 1.1" (H)
• Weight: 1.09 oz (including battery)

The Korg pitchjack guitar and bass tuner will be available early summer 2008 with a U.S. MSRP of $30.00. As with all Korg tuners, it comes with an extended three year warranty.

—For more information, contact Korg, 316 South Service Rd, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (631) 390-6500; Fax: (631) 390-6501; Web: www.korg.com

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