Korg Announces New Updates for RADIAS Synthesizer

(Korg | Posted 2008-02-11)

Korg Announces New Updates for RADIAS Synthesizer

Korg announces a new system update, version 2.0, for the RADIAS Analog Modeling Synthesizer. Features include significant new modulation functions that expand the sonic potential of this already powerful synthesizer, along with new programs that take full advantage of these new enhancements. Also available are new options that improve compatibility when adding a RADIAS-R sound module to the M3 Music Workstation/Sampler as well as an updated dual-platform sound editor that provides easy computer integration.

New Parameters add even more sound-shaping power.

Based on direct input from RADIAS owners, Korg has expanded the list of parameters that can be modulated via the Virtual Patch matrix. The new destinations include control over portamento, oscillator modulation, various filters and EG parameters. Also included are features that vary the amount of modulation for each of the five Virtual Patch settings.

New Sounds

An eclectic group of top German Electronica artists and programmers has created 128 new programs that utilize the added functionality of the RADIAS version 2.0 update. These new sounds also highlight the warm analog quality of which the RADIAS is capable.

M3 Chassis Compatibility

The RADIAS-R can be installed onto the M3 chassis, thanks to the flexible Korg Komponent System. This allows the player to use the M3’s cutting-edge EDS (PCM sound generator) system simultaneously with the MMT analog modeling sound generator of the RADIAS, with dedicated control surfaces for each synth engine. To take full advantage of the keybed and controls found on the M3, version 2.0 adds various controls (joystick, ribbon*, aftertouch* and dual switches) as modulation sources within the RADIAS.

Updated Sound Editor

Also featured is the new RADIAS Sound Editor version 2.0. This updated editor supports all version 2.0 enhancements for users who prefer to use a computer to edit and organize their sounds. The editor is Windows Vista and Intel/Mac compatible.

RADIAS System version 2.0, the new soundset and RADIAS Sound Editor version 2.0 are available now for download free of charge from www.korg.com.

* available on 73/88-key models only.

—For more information, contact Korg, 316 South Service Rd, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (631) 390-6500; Fax: (631) 390-6501; Web: www.korg.com

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