Rain Recording Announces Solstice "Spider Edition" Workstation

(Rain Recording | Posted 2008-03-04)

Rain Recording Announces Solstice "Spider Edition" Workstation

Rain Recording is proud to announce Solstice Spider Edition, the latest addition to their acclaimed digital audio workstation line. Built around AMD's new platform, code-named "Spider", Solstice Spider Edition represents an evolution in system design in which all the components have been engineered specifically to work together. Rain’s new audio + gaming workstation includes the seamless integration of the AMD Phenom™ 9000 Series quad-core processor, the ATI Radeon™ HD 3800 Series GPU, and the AMD 7-Series chipset.

Housed in a striking, crimson-anodized, aluminum chassis, Solstice Spider Edition not only looks beautiful, but also provides a light and sturdy exterior able to withstand the rigors of professional content creation. At its core is an ultra-powerful system designed to handle even the most demanding audio and video tasks, and do it all with the stability, reliability and Quiet Cool design that Rain is known for.

Solstice Spider Edition represents the perfect balance of performance and price enabling musicians to easily pile on the tracks, virtual instruments and plug-ins. With the addition of ATI Radeon HD graphics, this workstation delivers blazing fast video graphics perfect for gaming and video production.

Rain president Bill Paschick explains, "Rain has seen the convergence of our audio workstations for the purpose of not only music production, but video and multimedia content creation as well. We regularly work with artists and producers who create scores for video games, television and film. On the other side, we see a lot of musicians who are also into gaming. And so the time is right to give gamers and content-producers a machine focused on both of these capabilities."

Paschick continues, "Rain’s mission is to provide the best computer platform for creative computing and content creation. One of the ways we achieve such great stability and performance is through a well-designed, balanced system. The architecture of AMD’s new 'Spider' platform is extraordinary in meeting this requirement. A wonderful advantage to this holistic approach is superior quality control, and a price to performance ratio that customers can truly benefit from."

Said, Levi Murray, vice-president, Platform Technology Enabling & Infrastructure Development, AMD, "Rain Recording has been a tremendous champion of AMD processor technology, including the new AMD Phenom true quad-core processors. Now with the release of their Solstice Spider Edition, Rain continues to help us prove to the digital content creation market that AMD is synonymous with the kind of power and stability their customers have come to expect."

The new audio + gaming workstation by Rain, called Solstice Spider Edition is available now and has been designed for compatibility with all popular audio hardware and software like Pro Tools, SONAR, GigaStudio, Cubase and more. Free shipping and free third party integration is standard.

Solstice Spider Edition:
Price $2799.95 (As low as $86 dollars per month)
More information at:

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