Line 6 Spider Jam™ Available Worldwide

(Line 6 | Posted 2008-03-10)

Line 6 Spider Jam™ Available Worldwide

Line 6, Inc. (, the industry leader in amp-modeling technology for music creation products, announces Spider Jam™, the new standard in jamming tools and a powerful addition to the Spider™ III family of modeling amplifiers. Packed with hundreds of artist-designed presets, Smart Control FX and the best band in the world, Spider Jam begins where other amplifiers end.

Boasting the revolutionary Endless Jam™ engine, Spider Jam features over 100 loops and drum grooves expertly recorded and impeccably performed by the A-list of Nashville and L.A. session aces. Guitarists can write, record or solo for hours with the musicians that helped lift Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne, Pete Townshend, Faith Hill, Randy Travis, Shania Twain and countless more into music industry icons.

More than a jam buddy, songwriting tool and recording device, the 75-watt power section, 12" Celestion® Custom speaker and 2" tweeter give Spider Jam a brawny, commanding tone. Small enough for the bedroom, loud enough for the stage, it bridges the gap between practice amp and battle-ready stage rig. Plus, with aux ins and Line 6 A.I.R.™ direct outs, Spider Jam is versatile enough for the most discriminating studio’s gear list.

“Spider Jam is full of instant musical inspiration,” says Marcus Ryle, senior vice president of research and development at Line 6. “Its combination of rhythm section chemistry, sound-on-sound loop recording and powerful rock star presets is totally unique and an absolute blast to play.”

Spider Jam MSRP: $629.99

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