New Twenty Series Models from Paiste

(Paiste | Posted 2008-03-11)

New Twenty Series Models from Paiste

The new Twenty models have unquestionably received positive feedback since their recent release in January at the 2008 Winter NAMM Show. Originally introduced with a standard assortment of models and sizes, the Twenty series now has an extensive model selection with thinner weights and additional sizes for virtually all drummers and percussionists to choose from.

Although the initial Twenty models first introduced appear a bit heavy for a "medium weight" cymbal, this delusion is primarily due to the alloy itself which is heavier in weight than the other alloys we work with. For drummers and percussionists who have spent time working with these fine cymbals and for those who have used them in many musical settings, we can comfortably presume that you all must have heard the full dynamic range and dark intimate features these cymbals provide.

Now, after a year of gaining experience working with this new line, we could not just sit back and rest on our laurels. Instead we went back to the drawing board and created something new... that's the natural urge of a cymbal maker. What came from our labor are stunning Twenty models made for drummers and percussionists that prefer lighter weight cymbals.

16", 17" and 18" Thin Crash: A soft and dark, sparkling, trashy crash cymbal that opens quickly and mixes into your music seamlessly.

20" and 22" Light Ride: These particular models were not made for the exclusive function of Jazz, any type of roots-related music, Blues, Indie Rock, Country, Swing, Rockabilly, R&B or Pop music. In our results during it's design, we found that this model is a great choice if you are looking for a cymbal to use in these styles of music. Go and check it out and make a judgment for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised on what you find.

14", 16", and 18" Thin China: These trashy Chinas are very oriental sounding, very thin, yet cutting and are made for just about any style of music. These dynamic Chinas are a top choice if you need explosive and cutting strength for multiple music genres.

14" Light Hats: These hats are a nice and mellow Hi-hat with a dark appearance that's just about right for any style of music that doesn't require excessive volume. Extremely microphone friendly, these hi-hats are a favorite choice of Jason McGerr and Jim Keltner in the studio.

12" and 15" Hi-Hat: These new additions to the existing Twenty hi-hats were requested by many drummers last year. Although the 13's and 14's are still the most widely used sizes, it is always nice to have access to 12" hats that still provide a full range of sound. On the other spectrum, the new 15" Hats are not overly loud sounding. The 15"'s are fat, deep and low, and are a bit shy with an intimate feel at the same time.

8" and 12" Splash: The 8" and 12" Splash are great additions to the current 10" Twenty Splash. They contain just the right balance of a brilliant attack with an airy decay. The 12" works well with the 16" Thin and Crash models. Together, the 8", 10", and 12" make a great trio of splashes in your set up.

21" and 22" Ride: The 21" and 22" Twenty Ride models are great additions to the Twenty ride family. The 21" offers a bit of a lower pitch with a touch more strength and presence yet it has the controllability close to the current 20" size. The 22" ride is an overall stronger cymbal then its little brothers with a broader sound character and wider frequency mix.

16" Medium Light Hats: Due to the current trend for larger hi-hats, (16" in particular) Paiste felt it necessary to answer the needs of so many drummer requests by introducing the 16" Medium Light Hats. If you are not familiar with playing a larger hi-hat it will not take much time for you to adjust to this larger size. The Medium Light Hats have a wide sound range, with a very soft and comfortable feel to them. Well suited for many applications of music, these wonderfully larger sounding hats are so much fun to play.

With so many models and sizes in the Twenty line to choose from there are so many sounds available for drummers and percussionists today. The only problem you'll have is trying to decide what models you want to use with your music. Decisions....decisions.... but it's a good problem to have. Enjoy.

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