New Keyboard Amp Has Vintage Look & Versatile Input Options

(Press Release | Posted 2008-03-13)

New Keyboard Amp Has Vintage Look & Versatile Input Options

AXL introduces a new solid state keyboard amplifier with excellent input options, a hi-frequency tweeter and a vintage maroon tolex cabinet that gives the impression it comes from another decade. The AXL 100W Keyboard Amp (AA-KB-120) has 100 watts RMS power, a 12” Alphatone speaker and four inputs with independent volume controls. The inputs include 1/4”, XLR and RCA jacks.

Sonically, the amplifier has excellent bass and punch whenever needed, and nice transparent sound with little or no coloring. This amp gives you the ability to hear what you’re playing and enhances the keyboard sound the PA might miss. The amp also comes with a 1/4” output jack and a headphone jack for private playing.

This amplifier is easy to set up and has a vintage style cabinet with a classy maroon finish that takes players back to another time.

Created by respected product designers with a great understanding for vintage style cabinets, this amp is the perfect combination of power and value.

The AXL Keyboard Amp has a list price of $499.99 and is available in summer 2008. AXL is also the manufacturer of Akita tube amplifiers and Rapture amplifiers.

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