BOSS Unveils Innovative New Effects Pedal

(Boss | Posted 2008-03-14)

BOSS Unveils Innovative New Effects Pedal

BOSS UNVEILS INNOVATIVE NEW EFFECTS PEDAL Los Angeles, CA, March 12, 2008—BOSS introduces a new twin pedal that instantly transforms guitars, keyboards, and vocals into pulsating groove instruments. The SL-20 Slicer features 50 onboard slice patterns with adjustable attack and duration, including an innovative Harmonic Slicer feature that generates percussive melodies.

The SL-20 offers an internal Tap Tempo feature, as well as the ability to sync to an external MIDI clock. It also features a variety of output modes, including the unique 3D panning for spacious sliced effects, and control of sound characteristics such as attack, duration, level, and direct level. An on-board Looper allows the processed audio to be recorded and looped in real-time and then performed over.

The SL-20 allows users to generate high-energy patterns onstage in real-time, and is also an inspiring songwriting and recording tool. Great for guitarists, the SL-20 is equally useful for other instruments such as bass, keyboard, iPod®, or any other instrument or music-playback device. DJs and dance-music artists will also love the SL-20 as a rhythmic-performance tool.

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