Rip In A Zip!

(Press Release | Posted 2008-03-28)

Rip In A Zip!

Now DJs - or any music lover -- can digitize their vinyl records at the touch of a button with American Audios new TT Record. A belt-driven turntable, the TT Record converts old 33 and 45 RPM records into digital MP3 files and records them directly onto an SD card or USB memory stick.

A completely standalone unit, the TT Record doesnt require a computer or additional software to do its job. Virtually anyone can use it to convert their entire vinyl collection into ready-to-play MP3 files. You just place your vinyl record on the platter, insert a USB memory stick or SD card into the units built-in USB slot, press the record button, and presto! - it rips your vinyl track to MP3 format.

“The TT Record is an easy and affordable solution for DJs and everybody else who wants to rip their old vinyl collection or their rare records to digital,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “Whats amazing is that you dont need any special technical knowledge, additional software or even a computer to make it work. All it takes is, literally, the press of a button.”

The TT Record comes with everything you need to record all of your vinyl tracks as MP3 files, “on the fly.” It includes a full size belt-drive turntable, needle cartridge with headshell, a 33/45 rpm selector, +/-10% pitch slider, an adapter for 45s and a slip mat. You dont even need a stereo system to monitor the TT Record during operation, as it comes equipped with a headphone adapter that plugs directly into the back of the unit.

You can create clean breaks between tracks simply by pressing the Record button on and off, which affords the luxury of being able to record each album track or 45 as an individual MP3 file. Use the SD card or USB memory stick to transfer your files directly to an MP3 player or computer for instant access at the gig, in the home or on the go. As part of a special limited time offer, American Audio is including a bonus SD USB card reader with the purchase of each TT Record.

DJs can use the SD cards with two other exciting new digital playback products from American Audio: the SDJ-1 dual SD player, and the Q-SD, a 4-channel mixer with SD card player. “If youre a professional DJ, your entire nights music can fit on one SD card,” said Freret. “You wont need any external hard drives, expensive laptops, extra MP3 players or complicated software. Going mobile has never been easier.”

The TT Record measures 17.75” x 14.5” x 5.75” (449 x 370 x 145 mm) and weighs just 9 lbs./3.8 kgs. It is power rated at 9 watts and has switchable voltage (115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz).

The TT Record carries an MSRP of $279.95. For a limited time, a bonus SD USB card reader will be included with each purchase of the TT Record as a special offer from American Audio.

Visit the links below to see demos of the TT Record in action!

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