“PYKO” IP audio endpoints + “Audio Manager” software put the System Designer back in the driver’s seat

(Press Release | Posted 2008-03-29)

“PYKO” IP audio endpoints + “Audio Manager” software put the System Designer back in the driver’s seat

Digigram, a world leader in PC audio interfaces and innovative networked audio devices, is introducing PYKO, a range of professional IP Audio endpoints and an advanced software solution that will help build clever and manageable digital audio networks. The solution targets a large scope of professional audio applications that need to distribute digital audio over shared IP networks, such as transportation, background music, paging, industrial and broadcast.

The devices

PYKO devices will either convert analog or digital audio sources to high-quality MP3 or PCM IP streams (PYKO-in) or play such streams from the network or from locally stored MP3 files (PYKO-out). Unlike other prosumer streaming devices, PYKO has been designed for pro applications from the ground up: robust, rack-mountable casings, balanced I/Os on terminal block connectors, and 8 GPIOs.

These units may be used “as-is” and configured through standard html pages for simple IP audio networks, or for more complex systems, Digigram offers an entirely revamped Audio Manager software, based on Visiblu™, its Network Audio Operating System.

The software

In fixed audio installations, being able to manage system resources and audio streams from a central point is a must. With Audio Manager, planning, deploying and managing the network audio system has never been so easy.

Audio Manager handles all kinds of data: either audio (IP sources, analog sources, audio files, EtherSound™ channels) or application specific control (events, schedules, scripts). Audio Manager also offers processing and mixing points within the network; triggering the mix of announcements with background music when a determined event occurs becomes extremely simple.

With PYKO and Audio Manager, Digigram encapsulates the complexity of the most demanding fixed audio installations, putting system designers back in the driver’s seat.

About Digigram

Digigram is one of the top three worldwide suppliers of digital audio network solutions for radio broadcast and sound distribution in public places. The company develops digital audio network devices, sound cards and audio processing software.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, and with offices in Washington and Singapore, Digigram is traded on the Eurolist, compartment C, Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (Code ISIN : FR 00000 35784). The company’s commitment to audio technology innovation is demonstrated by the fact that close to 20% of its annual turnover is invested in R&D.

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