Line 6 Announces Acquisition of X2, Leader in Digital Wireless Technology for Musicians

(Line 6 | Posted 2008-03-30)

Line 6 Announces Acquisition of X2, Leader in Digital Wireless Technology for Musicians

Line 6, Inc., the industry leader in modeling technology for music products, announced today it has acquired X2 Digital Wireless Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of digital wireless systems for musical applications. The acquisition gives Line 6 access to X2s proprietary, patent-pending technology, its product line, as well as its vision for creating the finest digital wireless products for musicians, vocalists, and audio professionals.

X2 is committed to becoming the world leader of digital wireless for live-performance applications, said Guy Coker, founder of X2. By coupling Line 6 and X2s shared passion for uncompromised tone, creative inspiration and technological advances, the acquisition is the perfect blend of two visionary companies.

In less than a year since it began shipping product, X2 has become the leader in the U.S. in digital systems for guitarists. The founder, Guy Coker, was behind the highly regarded digital wireless systems of the 1990s and his pioneering work continues today with the constant development of new technology that will undoubtedly lead the way in digital wireless systems for musical applications.

X2s products provide significant advantages over existing analog wireless systems, finally enabling artists to achieve freedom from cables without sacrificing tone. Digital wireless technology allows for greater dynamic range and frequency response matching that of high-quality audio cables and providing a "wired" feel to the musician. Digital technologies "lock-out" all other sources of outside RF interference to deliver clear, pristine sound. In addition, unlike leading analog systems, set-up and use is extremely intuitive.

The addition of X2 enhances Line 6s position of creating products that are intuitive, affordable and deliver unbelievable tone, said Mike Muench, Line 6s Chief Executive Officer. As one of the leading manufacturers of music creation products, Line 6 can provide support and distribution to put the finest digital wireless technology into the hands of musicians everywhere.

About X2 Digital Wireless

X2 Digital Wireless Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures a range of professional digital wireless products for instrument and microphone applications. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA for real-time applications, X2's digital wireless products utilize companderless patent-applied-for digital technology. For more information visit

About Line 6, Inc.

Incorporated in 1996, Line 6 is world renowned for developing studio- and stage-standard gear, including the award-winning POD. Headquartered in Calabasas, California, Line 6 currently has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide with offices in the U.S., China and U.K. For more information visit

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