New Metal Body Resonators with Champagne Matte Finishes

(Press Release | Posted 2008-04-14)

New Metal Body Resonators with Champagne Matte Finishes

Recording King introduces new metal body resonators with a champagne matte finish option for a look reminiscent of American bronze antiques. With nickel-plated brass bodies, hand-spun Continental cones and the clean, expressive metal body tone, these resonators from Recording King are blues and bluegrass players’ dream instruments.

The classic Style-O (RM-998-M) model features a 9.5” hand-spun Continental cone with either a diamond or roundhole coverplate. The Tricone (RM-991-M) model has three 6” Continental cones and is available with square or round necks.

The champagne matte finish option is also available on the metal body mandolin (RA-998-M) and ukulele (RU-998-M).

Recording King resonators are some of the most authentic early 20th century metal body replicas available in the market.

These new resonator guitars with champagne matte finishes have a list price starting at $699.99. All models are also available with the standard nickel/silver gloss finish.

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