Trace Acoustic Launch!

(Press Release | Posted 2008-04-16)

Trace Acoustic Launch!

Before 1989, acoustic musicians must have felt somewhat left out when walking around the amplifier section of their local music store. While small attempts had been made at producing an amplifier specifically for acoustic players, the fireworks of the amplifier industry were reserved for the owners of electric guitars and basses. But then came Trace Acoustic.

With the Trace Acoustic range, the British manufacturer fast revolutionised the world of acoustic instrumentation, from guitars to banjos to mandolins, and the musical instrument industry as a whole. Boasting very high impedance piezo pickup inputs, notch filters, phantom power, DSP effects, and a unique circuitry named Dynamic Correction which reproduced the sparkling top end of an acoustic instrument without harsh-sounding high frequency horns, the amplifiers were quickly recognised as a standard to match. No wonder Trace Acoustic made fans of some of the worlds’ most respected acoustic musicians.

Nineteen years later, the influence of Trace Acoustic is widely felt throughout the industry, but as in 1989 Trace Acoustic is raising the stakes again. Acoustic musicians can now experience a new generation of Trace Acoustic models, more evolved than their classic forebears and still endowed with the engineering genius that has produced studio-quality acoustic reproduction on stage for almost two decades. Lighter than ever before, more powerful and carrying a wealth of new cutting edge features, the new generation is here.

With the appearance of Trace Acoustic, 1989 became year zero for acoustic musicians. 2008 is going to change everything again.

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