Introducing IQOYA - A comprehensive IP audio product ecosystem from Digigram

(Digigram | Posted 2008-04-17)

Introducing IQOYA - A comprehensive IP audio product ecosystem from Digigram

Digigram, a world leader in PC audio interfaces and innovative networked audio devices, is introducing IQOYA, a comprehensive product ecosystem of IP audio hardware equipment and software solutions. In total, there are three new hardware and three new software products that will be released during 2008:

IQOYA *CALL is a two channel IP audio contribution codec with SIP.

IQOYA *LINK is a two channel IP audio distribution codec.

IQOYA *SERV is a multichannel versatile IP audio server.

IQOYA V*CALL is a soft IP audio contribution codec with SIP.

IQOYA V*MOTE is an IP audio remote contribution solution with SIP.

IQOYA V*CAST is an intranet IP audio distribution software suite.

Over the past few years the company has developed and licensed technologies such as Visiblu™: a Network Audio Operating System typically used by its ISV partners to develop radio automation solutions with advanced IP audio system management. Visiblu-enabled solutions provide audio and data routing, encoding and processing across wide area networks using standards-based protocols.

By leveraging on these technology assets and its network audio expertise, Digigram is now bringing to the market its own innovative contribution to the growing IP Audio community: IQOYA.

More than just a point-to-point transport solution, IQOYA devices and software constitute the elements of a highly flexible and manageable professional IP audio infrastructure for contribution, delivery and distribution. An agile IP audio infrastructure allows broadcasters to adapt to quickly changing program content needs.

IQOYA products are based on FluidIP™, a rock-solid N/ACIP (EBU Tech 3326) compliant IP audio codec engine developed by Digigram. This provides interoperability with third-party IP codec devices, while adding unrivalled robustness, QoS optimization, stream integrity and audio quality.

Used in conjunction with Visiblu enabled solutions developed by Digigram's Development Partners and Digigram’s audio management system, broadcasters will be able to monitor and manage their resources whether they are local, national or global.

The benefits for broadcasters are superb control, processing, reliability, and agile response to programming needs. Broadcasters can now adopt IP audio infrastructure with confidence.

About Digigram

Digigram is one of the top three worldwide suppliers of digital audio network solutions for radio broadcast and sound distribution in public places. The company develops digital audio network devices, sound cards and audio processing software.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, and with offices in Washington and Singapore, Digigram is traded on the Eurolist, compartment C, Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (Code ISIN : FR 00000 35784). The company’s commitment to audio technology innovation is demonstrated by the fact that close to 20% of its annual turnover is invested in R&D.

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