Audio-Technica Offers AT8004 And AT8004L Microphones For Broadcasting Applications

(Audio-Technica | Posted 2008-04-22)

Audio-Technica Offers AT8004 And AT8004L Microphones For Broadcasting Applications

Audio-Technica introduces its AT8004 and AT8004L Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphones, two new microphone solutions designed specifically for the broadcasting market. Based on extensive in-the-field research and user input, the new AT8004 and AT8004L further emphasize Audio-Technica's ongoing commitment to supplying high-quality products for all segments of the broadcast market sector.

The AT8004 (5.93 inches) and the longer AT8004L (9.43 inches) both offer exceptionally natural sound reproduction; both are ideal for handheld interviews, ENG/EFP and sports broadcasting applications, or as the "mono" mic when used in conjunction with a stereo mic. Additionally, the AT8004L's longer handle easily accommodates a microphone flag while still providing sufficient space for the talent to grip the microphone.

The AT8004 and AT8004L offer a frequency response of 80-16,000 Hz and an omnidirectional polar pattern. In addition, they each feature a rugged housing and a hardened-steel grille as well as internal shock mounting, making them able to stand up to field use while minimizing handling and cable noise. The high sensitivity assures useful output and an excellent match to most input sources. The new AT8004 and AT8004L microphones are also fully RoHS-compliant free from all substances specified in the EU directive on the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS).

The AT8004 and AT8004L utilize XLRM-type connectors. Output is via balanced, low impedance (low-Z) XLRM-type connectors. Finally, the AT8004 and AT8004L weigh 5.6 oz. and 7.6 oz., respectively, and have a head diameter of 1.41 inches.

The AT8004 and AT8004L Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphones will be available May 2008 with U.S. MSRPs as follows:

AT8004 $135.00
AT8004L $149.00

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