Acoustic Guitar Bronze Award for Fender Folk Instruments!

(Fender | Posted 2009-01-05)

Acoustic Guitar Bronze Award for Fender Folk Instruments!

Hey, how ’bout a nice shout-out to our buds at Acoustic Guitar magazine, who just bestowed their bronze 2008 Players’ Choice Award on Fender’s Folk Music instrument line. It’s right there for all to see in the February 2009 issue, which is sitting on your local newsstands right now. Yep, Fender’s entire Folk Music line took the bronze in the AG reader’s poll “Other Stringed Instruments” category, which encompasses banjos, mandolins and related instruments. In addition to its highly regarded banjos and mandolins, the Fender Folk Music line also includes resonator guitars, electric violins, lap steel and travel guitars.

Mind you, this honor comes not from a bunch of hyper-caffeinated magazine editors or some panel of, ahem, “experts in the field” as it were, but from the readers themselves, who are the ones who are out there in the real world making music with our stuff. This of course makes victory taste all the sweeter.

Many thanks to Acoustic Guitar magazine and its many fine readers!

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