(Waves | Posted 2009-01-27)


WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 15, 2009 — Waves Audio expands its Dorrough Meter Collection with the new Surround Edition. The collection was developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, Inc., and the new Surround Edition includes the entire Waves Dorrough Meter Collection, with all its advanced display features and functions, plus customized meters engineered especially for surround production environments. The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection – Surround Edition is available in Waves 360° Surround Tools, Waves Mercury and separately.

For over a decade, Waves has been a leader in the digital audio revolution, modeling console components, vintage amplifiers, and rare outboard compressors and equalizers. Now, with the Waves Dorrough Meter Collection, they have modeled the world’s finest hardware meters. These precision models of classic Dorrough Meters offer the same readability, musicality, and accuracy of the original units. Dorrough Meters are renowned for their unique ability to paint a detailed picture of true loudness, which is why more Dorroughs are used in advanced production facilities than those of any other brand.

Displaying both average and peak levels in a single readout, Waves Dorrough Meters are the only meters which actually let users see the density of the sound. The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection – Surround Edition includes:

- 5.0 and 5.1 Components - 3 Modes: DTS, ITU/SMPTE, Film/Dolby Digital - Simultaneous Sum/Diff and Phase Correlations Readouts

Other Features include: - Superfast Peak Response - Sum and Difference Energies for Optimal Stereo-to-Mono Compatibility - Left/Right Phase Correlation - Displays Number of Overs - Peak and Average Level Relations - Three Selectable Styles: Horizontal (280D/240D), Vertical (380D/340D), and Arc (40AES/EBU) - Three Selectable Sizes: Extra Large, Large, and Small - Selectable Reference Levels - Switch Between Display Sizes and Styles with the Click of a Mouse - 40dB Scale in 1 dB steps - Mono & Stereo Components

Users of Waves Mercury and 360° Surround Tools covered by Waves Update Plan (WUP) receive The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection – Surround Edition at no additional charge. For more information, please visit www.waves.com.

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