Change Your Tune: Taylor Introduces Loaded Pickguards for the SolidBody Classic

(Taylor | Posted 2009-04-02)

Change Your Tune: Taylor Introduces Loaded Pickguards for the SolidBody Classic

FRANKFURT - April 2, 2009 - For SolidBody Classic players looking to change the complete tonal characteristics and appearance of their guitar, Taylor Guitars has introduced new loaded pickguards for a solderless, no-tech-necessary, do-it-yourself experience. Available with your choice of Taylor High Definition (HD) or High Gain (HG) humbuckers, the loaded pickguards come in six different pickup combinations and in a variety of popular pickguard styles. For players seeking versatile, articulate tones with lots of high fidelity and depth, Taylor's HD pickguard combinations come in two styles: 3 Single Coils or 1 Humbucker and 1 Single Coil. For high gain players who prefer aggressive, fuller, heavier tones, the HG loaded pickguards are offered in four configurations: 2 Mini Humbuckers, 2 full-sized Humbuckers, Single Humbucker, or 2 Single Coils and 1 Humbucker.

All loaded pickguard combinations are available in left-handed options and come ready to be swapped via a few simple, solderless steps giving anyone the ability to "mod" their guitar. The new loaded pickguards will be available at dealerships worldwide in early June and offered through the Taylor Guitars website at an introductory price of $195.

Also available for Solidbody players are Taylor's Plug and Play High Gain and High Definition modular pickups. Introduced in January, the pickups are available in Taylor Style 1 (Classic, Custom) and Style 2 (Standard) and offered in neck and bridge positions. Like the loaded pickguards, the Taylor SolidBody pickups feature solderless connectors for a quick and easy swap experience. Available through the Taylor Guitars' website, the Plug and Play pickups are currently offered at a suggested retail price of $79.

To view the available options and combinations while at MusikMesse, please visit the Taylor Guitars stand located in the Fender exhibit in Hall 4.0.

To view video of the loaded pickguards or for additional news, please visit

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