ROLAND V-PIANO NOW AVAILABLE - Acoustic Piano Legacy Melds with Cutting Edge V-Technology

(Roland | Posted 2009-05-12)

ROLAND V-PIANO NOW AVAILABLE - Acoustic Piano Legacy Melds with Cutting Edge V-Technology

Los Angeles, CA, May 5, 2009 — Roland is proud to announce general availability of the next step forward in V-Technology, the historic V-Piano™. Equipped with groundbreaking sound engine technology and unprecedented piano sound design capability for the most accurate, authentic piano sounds ever constructed, the V-Piano is poised to carve its own niche in digital piano history. The V-Piano employs Roland’s new Piano Component Object Sound Modeling synthesis. Unlike previous loop-based sampling, the V-Piano reproduces the complex interactions of acoustic piano components, as well as the subtle modulations generated by touch. Players will experience new, smooth transitions between pianissimo and fortissimo without staggering. The new PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard action and sensors not only support high repetition, but also reproduce the tonal fluctuations caused by differences in stroke acceleration patterns. In addition, the V-Piano utilizes a new and dedicated smart CPU that actually learns each performer’s unique playing expression.

The V-Piano includes both Vintage and Vanguard piano sounds. Vintage tones faithfully reproduce the sound of contemporary pianos and famous Vintage pianos, while Vanguard tones go beyond previous physical restrictions of acoustic pianos, allowing players to create tones that were previously impossible.

Watch the Video Players of the V-Piano can create their own piano to their taste using voicing parameters such as unison tuning, hammer hardness and various resonances. This allows for easy creation of the desired piano image, plus the ability to switch easily between desired sounds. This combination of customizable parameters has never before been available in a digital piano.

The versatile V-Piano offers an entirely new digital piano experience for stage performers, studio musicians, composers and beyond. For an in-depth look at the V-Piano, including sound samples and video demonstrations, please visit

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