New Zenhiser Products: Mechanical Sound FX, New FX Packs, and July Multipack Special!

(Zenhiser | Posted 2009-07-01)

New Zenhiser Products: Mechanical Sound FX, New FX Packs, and July Multipack Special!

Mechanical Sound FX Hits The Zenhiser Shelves: These industrial sized sound effects are the perfect add on to all established SFX collections. Merging through time, capturing the evolving sound of digital machines is the direction of ‘Mechanical Sound FX‘. Inspired by years of classic sci-fi films we decided to create this collection of audio fx to encapture machines in all their forms through a digital perspective. By keeping the direction focused we believe this sound fx title produces extremely high quality mechanical sfx which fit a multitude of uses including film, tv, gaming, music productions and apps.

If you like to keep ahead of the game with your royalty free sound fx, then check out the audio previews, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Two New Future FX Packs For All SFX Lovers: These brand new additions to the ‘Future FX’ series push the audio fx boundaries to a whole new level. Developed exclusively to create an all new sound fx collection which encompasses the forward thinking of an fx-future.

Every royalty free sound fx within ‘Future FX 03‘ works seamlessly within the fx-future realm, including warped fx, electronic sfx, evolving space fx, industrial audio fx, manipulated delay fx and so much more. Suited for a broad range of SFX applications, Future FX will work in nearly all audio enviroments including film soundtracks, game fx, tv, songs, remixes and web apps.

There’s always room for more SFX in everyone’s studio collection, but when you’re looking for sound effects to download now and still hold their own in future years, then the Future FX series is the only way to go.

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20% Off All Multipacks For July Only: For the month of July 2009 we are giving away a 20% discount on all multipacks to all our new and existing customers. It’s our little summer gift for all producers & remixers who spend too much time getting a studio tan!!!

Simply add the coupon code: 20DMPJAZ01 upon checkout and all multipacks you have purchased will be discounted by 20%, it’s that simple.

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