Preview: Peavey Vypyr Series

(Peavey | Posted 2009-07-02)

Preview: Peavey Vypyr Series

For anyone who has seen one of Peavey’s Sanpera II foot controllers sitting around in local music shops, seemingly without any reason to be there or anything to plug into, it’s mate is here at least. Peavey is now shipping the new Vypyr amplification series for which the Sanpera II, with dual expression pedals, was designed.

Peavey is really pushing their new modeling software, and with 32-bits of processing power coupled with Peaveys’ renowned TransTube analog circuitry, they have good reason to do so.24-bit has been a solid standard for some time now, and Peavey is helping to keep the music market moving forward with this amp series.

Features include:

• 24 Amp channel models
• Clean and dirty channel models
• 11 editable pre-amplifier "Stompbox" effects (not available on 15 watt version)
• 11 Editable "Rack" effects
• Up to 5 effects simultaneously
• Up to 400 presets with Sanpera™ II footswitch
• Studio Quality USB interface (not available on 15 or 30 watt version)
• True analog pre-amp distortion
• True 32 bit floating point Sharc processor
• 12 Programmable presets
• Patented Transtube® technology
• Dual parameter effects control
• On board Looper
• On board chromatic tuner
• WYSIWYG Interface
• Studio quality headphone out
• Tap Tempo
• MP3/CD/Aux input

Two of the amplifiers in the series will even feature a full compliment of 6L6 tubes in 60 and 120 watt flavors.

Not listed in the features at press release is, I think, one of the best and most distinguishing features of this amp series. Each Vypyr amp, while it contains 24 different amp models in 32-bit glory, still has its own analog clean and distortion channels. Whether you just want something non-digital to come back to, or you’d prefer to use the amp solely for digital effects, or you just see it as another amp model, I think it’s a great feature to have. The USB interface is also a big plus, given you have the software to track your amp. It effectively does away with the need for a microphone. After all, reverb effects even on the most basic versions of Cubase and ProTools are good enough to get a room or stage vibe at this point.

Guitarists would be wise to pick up the Sanpera I or II foot controller to really get the full benefits of the amps’ array of features. I personally can’t see the onboard going over very well on stage while attempting to control it from the amp’s front panel, and the 400 available presets and dual expression pedals make it almost a necessity for any knob tweaker. On the flipside, for those who don’t see either foot controller in their budgets, the amps do allow for 12 programmable presets without them, a nice touch on Peavey’s part.

Did I mention that onboard tuners are awesome to have? They are. I always run a tuner in my effects line, off of a headphone jack, or somewhere in my onstage rig. You may not usually need it, but it’ll be the time you don’t bring one that you wish you had.

To learn more about the VYPYR series, head over to Peavey’s website at:

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