GuitarGuard™ Gears up with Three New Product Offerings at Summer NAMM 2009

(ShackMan | Posted 2009-07-07)

GuitarGuard™ Gears up with Three New Product Offerings at Summer NAMM 2009

Summer NAMM • Nashville, TN (July 17-19, 2009) Booth #1546

Every Summer’s NAMM is like a New Year for music gear, and GuitarGuard is ringing it in with several new offerings and something entirely new. Having solely sold guitar coverings for a few years and done rather well for itself, the fledgling company is now branching out with a new offering to add to the mix, the NeverKink Cable Management Device. Essentially a clip-on that attaches to your strap, this features a slot for the cable clip into, holding it easily next to your strap rather than wound around the strap-lock or through the strap which, although safer in terms of being stepped on, can still cause the cable unnecessary and unhealthy tension.

GuitarGuard, in my opinion has found an un-tapped niche with this new product, and at under $3.00 MSRP, the product should be available on the streets for pennies on the dollar. A simple, modest design that could save you some serious money on cables, the NeverKink Cable Management Device looks to this reporter to be a solid buy for any guitartist, bassist, or any instrumentalist using a strap. You can even personalize it with your name, your band’s name, personal graphics, and/or a company logo! Go ahead and check them out at and tell us what you think in the MusicGearReview forums when you’re done by clicking on the link under our search box. You could even write a review in the User Reviews section.

Of course, GuitarGuard hasn’t forgotten the award-winning products that built the business, and it continues to make new customizable skins for various models. This year’s new additions include Telecaster and Acoustic Dreadnought style coverings. For those new to GuitarGuard’s protective product line, check out their website at and go visit them at this Summer’s NAMM at Booth #1546 July 17th through the 19th to see their products in action.

By James Rushin

James is a bassist, pianist, organist, composer, and freelance writer living and working in the Pittsburgh,PA and Morgantown, WV areas. He is currently playing with No Room for Squares every Tuesday night at Club Octane on the WVU downtown campus.

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