THIS JUST IN: Marshall ALSO Sponsors King of the Blues Competition with VOX

(ShackMan | Posted 2009-07-19)

THIS JUST IN: Marshall ALSO Sponsors King of the Blues Competition with VOX

MELVILLE, NY, July 16, 2009 -- Marshall has just been announced as a sponsor for the Guitar Center King of the Blues competition. And they are certainly doing everything they can to be more than just the icing on the cake already layered with appearances by Joe Bonamassa and Pete Anderson, as well as endorsement deals and huge prizes from VOX amplification. See the July 18th Article, "Joe Bonamassa, Pete Anderson, and VOX Amplification to be featured at Guitar Centerís King of the Blues Competition," for more information on the competition.

Since Marshall has been added to the list, they've offered yet unannounced prizes at the local, district and regional level as well as a nice little cherry on top: A Marshall Vintage Modern 50 watt half stack for the winner of the Grand Finals to take home.

They look like this.

People who win them look like this.*

So go practice and sign up for the King of the Blues competition! Coming to EVERY GUITAR CENTER IN EXISTENCE on August 20th.

James is a bassist, pianist, organist, composer and writer currently living and working in the Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV areas. He is currently writing tunes and holding down the low end for Morgantown-based jazz band No Room for Squares.

*:Artist's interpretation of human and/or animal reactions to Marshall Vintage Modern, TSL, Plexi, and JCM amplifiers. Cat actors appear courtesy Feline Actor's Kingdom Equity.

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