Solid Cables Endorsed by Al DiMeola, Stanley Clarke, Tim Jones, and Kevin Eubanks

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Solid Cables Endorsed by Al DiMeola, Stanley Clarke, Tim Jones, and Kevin Eubanks

Old Cables Chuck’d for New Solid Cables
His old cables are out the door as TV/film composer Tim Jones rewires his rig with built to order Solid Cable Dynamic Arc Ultras.

July 28, 2009 Pasadena , CA – High end instrument cable manufacturer, Solid Cables has just completed an entire custom order for TV/film composer, Tim Jones. Jones, who scores for NBC’s hit TV show Chuck, happened across the cables during a recent visit to California ’s Pasadena Guitars. Immediately impressed with the tone and construction of the cables, Jones contacted the manufacturer for assistance in retrofitting his rig.

Solid Cables is a leading manufacturer of instrument cables located in Pasadena , California . Musicians, studios and other manufacturers are taking note as names like Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, Carl Verheyen, Kevin Eubanks, Elmwood Amplifiers and 65 Amps all use the Solid Cables product line. All cables are handcrafted in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

“Solid Cables are honestly, the most astonishingly detailed and accurate cables I've ever used. I get at least an extra 20-30% more from my guitars when recording using the cables. Doing A-B tests with 'other' cables at Pasadena Guitar just left me shaking my head. So many past recordings with lousy cables...not anymore!” – Tim Jones

High caliber musicians like Jones are hearing the difference and making the change as well. During a period where other companies may become reserve in response to overall economic indicators, Solid Cables is adamantly moving forward and conquering new ground. Hand crafting instrument cables using only the finest quality materials, Solid Cables products are built to last and outperform all others. For musicians with discerning ears, this attention to detail makes all the difference in the world.

In the beginning, it wasn’t clear which road Jones would take, though his parents knew it would be creative. At Age 6, he really wanted to do make-up for movie monsters. By high school, he was spending summers driving a wheat harvester and working in the machine shop on the farm. The money earned went directly into synthesizers and drum machines. An early interest in song writing and 80’s pop music finally led him to achieve his BA with a major in film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston . Several years of working under other well established composers taught him that scoring films requires a unique blend of musical gifts and knowledge of people. Now, Jones has achieved an impressive resume of work that includes scores for The Foresaken, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, The Underground, The King Kong: Making the Beast and many more. All of these efforts have prepared him for his current gig as composer for NBC’s hit television series, Chuck.

As Jones enters the second decade of his career as a film composer, several things have become evident. First, Jones is still happiest when working with true collaborators. Second, he’s deeply grateful that there was never a ‘Plan B’. Third, ‘Plan A’ was just dramatically enhanced with the addition of Solid Cables.

All metal contact surfaces of a Solid Cable Dynamic Arc Ultra are atmospherically cleaned to prevent oxidation and contamination during assembly and then lubricated for protection, performance and longevity. All soldering is done by hand using only premium grade silver alloy providing the musician the most transparent signal possible. During final assembly, all mechanical components are chemically welded together and the cable is shielded by a 6000psi tear resistant armor. As a working musician himself, Solid Cables President, Nial McGaughey acknowledges that although the amount of work that is put into each product is time consuming, demanding and expensive the end result is well worth it. The price point for these cables starts at $135 USD.

Sure, that’s a bit pricey for most of us to pay for a cable, but judging by the reviews and the press that this company has been receiving, I’m inclined to believe that there is indeed a noticeable tonal difference between these and an average HOSA or Horizon cable. Even so, whether you’re reading this in shock that such a thing as a $135 instrument cable even exists, just perusing, or interested in the product, it can only help to be aware of the boutique just as much as your own price range, whatever it may be. That’s why we’re doing a feature article on these as well. These aren’t your good-quality-for-the-money products. This is a territory in which makers spare no expense.

Tim Jones is currently living in Los Angeles with his wife, Evelyn, and scoring Chuck for Warner Brothers Television and NBC.

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