microSAMPLER joins Korg’s popular microSERIES

(Press Release | Posted 2009-10-10)

microSAMPLER joins Korg’s popular microSERIES

127th AES CONVENTION, NEW YORK, NY, October 9, 2009 — Korg, a longstanding market leader in synth sales with its innovative microKORG and microKORG XL, adds a third model to the microSERIES family, the microSAMPLER Compact Sampling Keyboard. Complete with a gooseneck microphone, the microSAMPLER provides a fast and easy way to integrate creative audio sampling into any musical scenario. The front panel is equipped with recessed and clearly marked controls – along with an informative backlit LCD – making the microSAMPLER easy to use for both beginners and seasoned pros. Molded into the panel are handy cradles for holding MP3 players or other sample sources. The 37-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard has been designed for speed, comfort and playability. Battery power provides on-the-go capabilities, and an AC adapter is included for extended use.

As a keyboard instrument, the microSAMPLER stands apart from pad or button-based groove samplers, allowing individual samples to be freely assigned to, and played chromatically up and down, the keys. The microSAMPLER provides five distinct sampling modes, including traditional One-Shot, Loop and Gate sampling, with re-sampling in every mode. Auto Next sampling automatically creates ready-to-use time-sliced samples during recording. Key Gate sampling allows the user to grab multiple samples of varying lengths from incoming audio by simply touching the desired key, all in real-time. The entire output can be routed through the effect, played by the pattern sequencer and re-sampled as a single sound.

The Time Stretch feature allows samples to be sped up or slowed down to match a song’s tempo, without affecting their pitch. All the essential editing tools are provided, including Normalize, Truncate, Start and End trim, with selectable sample rates that range from beyond CD clarity down through a Lo-Fi vintage vibe.

In addition to user-sampled sounds, the microSAMPLER contains dozens of preset sounds available for instant music-making. Twenty-one effects (borrowed from the Korg KAOSS series) provide up-to-date sound shaping, ranging from traditional reverbs and delays to more exotic grain-shifting and ring-modulation. There is also an overdubbing pattern sequencer that allows sampled loops and phrases to be quickly transformed into songs, as well as providing dynamic performance possibilities.

Using the free Editor/Librarian software, entire libraries of samples can be created and saved to on-board memory or to a computer, along with WAV/AIFF audio files and pattern sequence data. A single USB cable provides high-speed communication in both directions between the computer and the microSAMPLER.

The microSAMPLER Compact Sampling Keyboard will be available November 1, 2009, with a U.S. MSRP of $750.00.

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