Brace Audio Announces Availability of the DGW-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter

(Chris Bereznay | Posted 2009-11-21)

Brace Audio Announces Availability of the DGW-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter

Those of you familiar with the hot DG1000 Digital Wireless System from Brace Audio will be happy to know the team at Brace is now shipping a digital wireless transmitter, the DWG-1000-TX, which will list for $99.99 USD. This incredibly small, high-performance unit is priced such that professionals and amateurs alike can afford one for every instrument in the rack so that switching guitars or basses live during a performance can be accomplished quickly and problem free.

Brace Audio noted on the recent press release that "A working guitarist who relies on multiple instruments onstage can now afford a DWG1000-TX Wireless Digital Transmitter on each guitar for fast and effortless instrument changeover and consistently impeccable audio quality. Brace Audio’s ALL™ Automatic Channel Selection and Locking instantly and transparently links the transmitter to the receiver when the units are powered on. Each guitar can have its own transmitter and can individually link to the same receiver at any one given time. Eight to twelve systems can be used at a given time."

One of the biggest benefits and selling points of the Brace Audio system has always been the fact that no companding is used in the signal processing. This technique is used by others in the industry to deal with the noise floor, but because Brace Audio's DWG1000 system does not incorporate this method, there are no mistracking, frequency, and other unexpected signal effects. The core DWG1000 system lists for $150 US, which makes it one of the most high-performing, cost effective wireless solutions for muscians - bar none.

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