Open Labs Launches SoundSlate Rackmount Computer Music Production Sytem

(Press Release | Posted 2009-11-30)

Open Labs Launches SoundSlate Rackmount Computer Music Production Sytem

SoundSlate™ Rackmount Music Production Computer Delivers Power, Portability and Affordability. Capable of running any Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), SoundSlate offers massive processing power, 8,000 VSTs and a complete music production experience. Austin, TX –SoundSlate redefines music production and performance by incorporating Open Labs' music operating environment including virtual instrument host Riff™, 8,000 sounds and effects, robust audio input/output, and a powerful computer core running Open Labs’ edition of Windows XP. Music producers depend on incorporating new sounds and effects into both live performances and studio sessions. SoundSlate delivers a compact, affordable solution addressing critical music production and performance needs.

Four primary use cases for SoundSlate include:

-As a Hardware DAW: Users may produce commercial, radio-ready songs using DAW software that comes pre-loaded on SoundSlate. (Ableton Live® LE, Cubase® LE, and Sonar® LE included.)

-As a VST Player: Loaded with 8,000 sounds and effects, users will open closed, proprietary music keyboard systems and gain more functionality and life from legacy systems. Users may load any available VST.

-As a Pro Tools VST Coprocessor: Adds processing power to any Pro Tools® system. Plays any VST with ease and offers elegant integration. Allows Pro Tools System to run more efficiently by off loading CPU power drawn by VSTs to SoundSlate.

-As a Redundant Playback System (RPS): Serves as a mission critical redundant playback system for touring shows including live concerts, events and Broadway shows that rely on backing tracks.

“SoundSlate represents the core of our experience that may be easily integrated into any existing setup” stated Victor Wong, Chairman, Founder and President of Open Labs. “The sub $2,000 price point offers an exciting new price point for all musicians and producers.”

SoundSlate may be purchased individually for $1,999 or as a bundle with additional hardware and software. For more information on the product, technical specifications and bundle offers please visit:

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