Peavey set to release boutique-style amps

(Ericseiv | Posted 2009-12-07)

Peavey set to release boutique-style amps

Remember the days when Peavey was a brand associated with budget, entry-level equimpment that was found in the basements of kids and amateurs before they hit the big time and could afford better, more professional gear? Well, those days are long gone, as Peavey has become one the most respected names in guitars and amps, having worked with legends like Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After 52 years of amp building, Peavey is now entering the custom, hand-built guitar amplifier arena with the launch of the new 19th Street Custom series of combos and heads.

The Masterpiece is a 50-watt, 6L6 powered two channel head or combo; the Sensation is a 20-watt, EL84 powered one channel head or combo; and the Studio Special is a 1.5-watt, one channel head that uses a 12au7 output tube, with the option of switching to a 6GC7 output tube.

Since these amps are custom made, options include reverb, effects loops, open or closed-back cabinets, Celestion or Eminence speakers and the choice of different tolex coverings and grill cloth options. The Masterpiece and Sensation have the option of being available in a head, 2x12 or 1x12 combos. Every 19th Street Custom Shop amplifier is wired, fitted and finished by hand, one at a time from start to finish.

Now that Peavey has firmly established its name in the production amp market with models like the 6505, the XXX, the Classic series and the JSX, it looks like it's taking aim at the boutique amp line. So if you're in the market for a hand-wired, custom built amp, Peavey might be a new name to add to your list. These amps would be good for small stage or studio use, where tone is more important than volume.

For more info, contact your local authorized Peavey dealer or call 601-483-5365 ext. 1271 to speak to a sales representative and obtain a quote.

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