Gibson introduces Les Paul Tribute guitar

(Press Release | Posted 2009-12-07)

Gibson introduces Les Paul Tribute guitar

Even though Gibson sells numerous Les Paul guitars, named after the guitarist who passed away earlier this fall, the company has introduced a proper tribute to him by releasing the Les Paul Tribute guitar. Paul passed away earlier this fall, and is known as being one of the most important figures in the history of electric guitar. His contributions to the instrument include using a guitar body made of solid wood and using multi-track recording. Les Pauls are known for their singing sustain and warm-yet-cutting tone. Les Paul Standards from the late '50s are some of the most prized and sought-after musical instruments in the world. Guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons and Slash are just a few of the players who have wielded these axes in the studio and on stage.

The price of these guitars isn't known, but I'm sure most of these will be found in more display cases as collector's items rather than on stages. Here's the release from Gibson: The passing of the incomparable Les Paul in August 2009 broke the hearts of guitar enthusiasts around the world. What can never be broken, though, is the legacy of innovation and creativity that he built during 94 years of constant musicianship. Though the original guitar he designed in 1952 has informed every Gibson guitar since, our engineers were inspired anew to handcraft a guitar just the way Les demanded it nearly 60 years ago.

Never before has a Les Paul guitar been so completely designed to Les’ original specifications. Until now. Anchored by a golden mahogany body, maple top and rosewood fingerboard, the Les Paul Tribute 1952 is equipped with an all-new bridge that’s an exact replica of Les’ original 1952 patent. Our luthiers have also added historical interest with details like stamping “prototype” into the back of the peg head and staying true to Les’ preference for P-90 pickups. The Les Paul Tribute 1952 honors the most important figure in all of guitar history and the guitar he designed and loved.

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