(Press Release | Posted 2009-12-16)


Following closely on the heels of its recent preview to the market, Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of reliable, premium-grade DJ equipment, is now shipping the DN-HC1000S USB MIDI Sub-Controller, compatible with Serato™ Scratch Live (developed by Serato Audio Research), which enhances a digital music library with a number of unique tools and performance features for DJs. Controlling essential features via mouse or laptop keyboard can often be a challenge, especially considering the focused work environment. The DN-HC1000S, however, is designed to directly interface with Serato Scratch Live, today’s most popular DJ software program. The DN-HC1000S offers simple plug ‘n play operation via self powered USB connectivity, and it replaces the computer keyboard for DVS systems with a set of dedicated controls, including track select and fast search, SHIFT/CLR button, five “hot start” and three sampler buttons, auto loop, Loop IN-OUT with Exit/Reloop, history and a TAP button.

Key features of the DN-HC1000S include: – Serato-approved USB MIDI Sub-Controller for Serato Scratch Live – Simple USB plug-and-play Connection (USB MIDI / Bus power) – Dedicated tactile controls to replace computer keyboard shortcuts – High-quality steel cabinet with rugged rubber keys – File Select knob and buttons with back-forward action keys – Track Select and Fast Search buttons – SHIFT/CLR Button – 5 Cue Point and 3 Sampler Player buttons – Auto Loop button with Loop Cut knob & Roll – Loop IN/OUT button with Exit/Reloop – File, Browse, History and Prepare keys – Tap button – MIDI mappable for other DJ software systems – Unit measures 9.8” width x 3.4” depth, and weighs under 3 lbs.

About Serato Scratch Live:

Serato Scratch Live lightened the load for the professional traveling DJ. Heavy crates of records can be exchanged into a huge library of music that can be easily transported on a computer hard drive.

Scratch Live software has an array of unique tools and performance features: – Beat extraction – Real-time tempo metering – Unique color waveforms for easy identification of sound – Multiple Cue and Loop points per track – Capability to record directly from a microphone – Ability to archive users’ music collections – No-charge upgrades that constantly add new features and improvements For more information, please visit

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