Alesis JamDock: Practice along with your iPod

(Dave Molter | Posted 2009-12-17)

Alesis JamDock: Practice along with your iPod

Don't have practice amp with an audio input and/or heaphones out but want to practice along with tunes from your iPod? Consider the Alesis JamDock. With a street price of around $100, the JamDock is an affordable, portable alternative if, say, you're on the road in a motel room and don't want to drag along an amp for silent practice.

JamDock -- not for bass only but for any electronic instrument -- has two 1/4" inputs that work with both line-level sources and high-impedance guitars and basses. The inputs sum to mono when there is only one side present, so you'll hear your instrument on both sides of your headphones. Two 1/4" outputs can be used to send signal to an amplifier or PA system if you'd like to run tracks to play along with live. A 1/4" stereo output is designed for headphones.

Who doesn't have an iPod these days? The JamDock could help you take your music to the next level.

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