Carvin upgrades its bolt-neck guitars

(Press Release | Posted 2009-12-20)

Carvin upgrades its bolt-neck guitars

Carvin, the king of mail-order gear, has announced its upgraded its "Bolt" series of guitars. Carvin is something of a 'rebel' in the gear business; It only offers its guitars and amps via mail order, which the company claims cuts down on the costs. It's also refreshing to see that its still producing gear here in the USA. I also remember reading a review of a Carvin guitar by Pete Prown in the now-defunct Guitar Shop magazine where he stated that Carvin necks are the best in the business. So here's your chance to see if it's true. Here's the info:

Carvin is excited to announce a significant upgrade to our Bolt, BoltPlus and Contour 66 bolt-neck guitars. In response to the overwhelmingly positive reception of the new heel design of our SB Series bass guitars, we have redesigned the heel of out bolt-neck guitars in a similar fashion. The new sculpted heel on the Bolt, BoltPlus and C66 allow much easier upper-fret access, without sacrificing the tone or sustain these guitars are known for. The result is a guitar that is more comfortable to play high on the neck than similar guitars, and the look is sleek and modern.

Bolt on neck guitars are not new to Carvin - we built them from the mid 1950's through the late 1970's, and reintroduced them to our lineup in the late 1990's. In 2003, we created the Bolt Plus, to give bolt-neck enthusiasts a whole new set of features, including direct-mount humbucking pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo. The Bolt Plus is made right here in the USA, not overseas as most similar models by other manufacturers are. The Bolt Plus is loaded with features generally only found in boutique instruments, but because we sell direct to you, you don't have to pay a boutique price. And with hundreds of available options, you can build your Bolt Plus exactly the way you want it, and be the proud owner of an instantly-classic instrument that will last you a lifetime.

Carvin also offers the Bolt, which has all the same premium features of the Bolt Plus, but has three AP11 pickups mounted in a pickguard, or two AP11s and an optional bridge humbucker mounted in a pickguard. We also offer the Contour 66, our premium bolt-neck guitar with standard flamed maple top, natural body binding and direct-mount pickups among it's many features.

In addition to this new feature being offered on Custom Shop guitars, all bolt-neck guitar kits - the GK1, GK1T and GK1P - also take advantage of this new design.

Additionally, the Bolt and BoltPlus guitars and kits have been redesigned with a deeper belly cut and forearm cut, making Carvin's bolt-neck guitars the most comfortable instruments in their class. Custom Shop bolt-neck guitars and kits that are ordered from this point forward will have this new design - at no charge! If you've been thinking about adding a Bolt, BoltPlus or C66 to your arsenal, now is the time to order!

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