Fender Introduces Passport PRO and Executive PA Systems

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-05)

Fender Introduces Passport PRO and Executive PA Systems

Fender has introduced four new models in it popular Passport portable PA line. Fender says the new Passport PRO and Executive models keep the best of previous Passport models but add new features and improvements. The Passport 500 PRO, 300 PRO and 150 PRO systems are lighter than their predecessors and have more natural-sounding reverb, an improved mixer and control layout with a new look and recessed LEDs, and speakers have standard 35mm stand sockets. The 300 and 500 models boast a sub-out line, and the 500 model includes USB playback and record features. Fender says the new systems will also be cheaper than previous models. Street price on the 150 PRO is expected to be around $500.

The Passport Executive is designed for mobility and "perfect for meetings, seminars, tours and presentations." About the size of a small briefcase, the Executive offers 100 watts of stereo sound through state-of-the-art NXT flat-panel speaker technology. A laptop-style form-fitted travel bag is included in the price.

Street price for the Executive is expected to be in the neighborhood of $650.

Compiled from a Fender news release.

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