Five New Rumble Bass Amps from Fender

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-05)

Five New Rumble Bass Amps from Fender

Just in time for Winter NAMM 2010, Fender has rolled out five new models of its Rumble bass amps, in the process raising the maximum wattage offered from 100 to 300. The Rumble series now includes 15-, 30-, 75-, 15- and 350-watt configurations using Fender Special Design Speakers in cabinets that are designed for portability and crossover use from bedroom to studio.

All models are named for their power ratings and, except for the Rumble 15, feature adjustable overdrive that can be blended with clean tone for bass sound that Fender says "offers as much grind as players want without sacrificing all-important low end." The flagship Rumble 350 offers a 2x10 and high-frequency horn configuration, a semi-parametric midrange control, and "punch" and "scoop" EQ preset buttons. The Rumble 150, contains a single 15" speaker with the same switchable high-frequency horn and a four-band active EQ. Both amps include an XLR line out with ground lift, auxiliary input for external devices like CD or mp3 players, a front-panel effects loop and headphone jack, plus removable casters and spring-loaded side handles.

The 1x12" Rumble 75 and 1x10" Rumble 30 are designed for vertical or tilt-back use, offering easy monitoring in low volume situations. Each features dual instrument inputs, adjustable overdrive, an auxiliary input and a headphone jack. The 75 has a four-band EQ, punch and scoop EQ presets and a 1/4" line out; the 30 has a three-band EQ. The 1x8" sealed-cabinet Rumble 15, is designed for practice and has a three-band EQ, auxiliary input and headphone jack.

An optional overdrive on/off footswitch is available for the Rumble 350, 150 and 75.

Compiled from a Fender news release.

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