Boss introduces new TU-3 tuner

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-15)

Boss introduces new TU-3 tuner

Boss has refined and updated its popular TU-2 tuner with the debut of the new TU-3. The TU-3, for both guitar and bass, features a 21-segment LED meter with a High-Brightness mode that cuts through eve n at daylight outdoor gigs. Choose between Chromatic or Guitar/Bass tuning modes, and enjoy visual pinpoint tuning verification with the Accu-Pitch Sign function. The TU-3 incorporates a convenient Note Name Indicator that can display notes of 7-string guitars and 6-string basses, while the Flat-Tuning mode can support up to six half-steps.

Other features include:

* Chromatic and Guitar/Bass mode (tune by string number, with support for 7-string guitars and 6-string basses)
* Flat tuning is supported with Guitar Flat mode, which allows for “drop” tunings up to six semitones below standard pitch
* Tuner automatically mutes when the tuner is on
* Supplies power for up to 7 BOSS compact effect pedals

The new high-brightness meter mode improves visibility under bright sunlight, and a newly-designed 21-segment meter light ensures super accurate and visable tuning. The proprietary BOSS Accu-Pitch function visually verifies when the target pitch is attained. The sound output is muted while the tuner is on, allowing players to tune silently on stage.

Tuning modes include Chromatic and Guitar/Bass, which allows players to tune by string number, now with support for seven-string guitars and six-string basses. The TU-3’s LED meter and arrow indicators clearly show when the instrument is in tune, with two different display modes to choose from.

To address the growing popularity of drop tunings in metal and hard rock music styles, Flat Tuning mode allows players to calibrate the TU-3 for tunings up to six half-steps below standard pitch. The tuner’s reference pitch can be adjusted as well, over a range of 436-445Hz.

The TU-3 will be shipping in January with a retail price of $160.50.

Compiled from infomation in aBoss press relaeas and on the Boss website.

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