Roland announces "SuperNATURAL" digital pianos

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-15)

Roland announces "SuperNATURAL"  digital pianos

Roland chose Winter NAMM 2010 to introduce its new HP-Series SuperNATURAL® Pianos. Combining elements of the revolutionary V-Piano® with Roland’s multisampling-technology, the HP-307, HP-305 (pictured above), and HP-302 deliver dogital sound with the looks and playing experience of a traditional acoustic grand piano in a furniture-grade wooden housing.

The new HP models feature the new SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, which unites Roland's state-of-the-art V-Piano technology and 88-key stereo multisampling technology. This breakthrough sound engine delivers seamless variations in tone from pianissimo to fortissimo, decaying sounds that linger and fade naturally without looping, and authentic sound transition from note to note across the keyboard.

The natural touch of the PHA III (HP-307) and PHA II (HP-305, HP-302) keyboards come from the use of hammer mechanisms that accurately reproduce the unique touch of an acoustic grand piano. The PHA III keyboard interacts with the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine to reflect the subtleties in a musician’s playing, and delivers superior rapid key-strike expressivity. The Ivory-Feel keys (featured on the HP-307, HP-305) replicate the natural appearance, texture, and moisture-absorbing properties of actual ivory and ebony keys.

To aid piano teachers, each HP-Series SuperNATURAL Piano model includes Twin Piano Mode, which splits the keyboard and pedals into two parts with the same octaves. This allows the teacher to play along with their student, greatly speeding up the learning process. Roland technology also enables the HP-Series to feature environmentally friendly, low-power consumption without sacrificing output level.

Roland has also paid close attention to the design elements of the HP-Series, coordinating cabinet details with simulated wood grain or matching colors, and adding the ability to cover the control panel with the fallboard for a more traditional look. The lineup is available in three finishes — polished ebony (HP-307 and HP-305 only), satin black or rosewood.

MSRP is around $3,500. For more details on the series, visit

Compiled from information in a Roland press release and on the Roland website.

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