Vox introduces new AGA70 acoustic guitar amplifier

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-16)

Vox introduces new AGA70 acoustic guitar amplifier

Best known for its diamond-grillecloth electric guitar amplifiers, Vox introduced the AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier at Winter NAMM 2010. The two-channel amp features a Normal channel and a Tube Pre channel, complete with a 12AU7 dual triode vacuum tube and is a new designe from the ground up.

Each of the two channels is equipped with both 1/4" and XLR inputs with selectable phantom power, making it perfect for a singer-guitarist. An additional Lo-Z / Hi-Z switch on each input accommodates a variety of signal levels. A Color knob allows the overall tone to be quickly shifted to enhance the EQ settings, allowing a diverse range of sounds, from warm and fat to clean and chimey. A Chorus effect is selectable via a switch or footswitch, and the Reverb can be added to either channel using the Reverb knob. An Anti-Feedback control minimizes acoustic feedback, allowing the AGA70 to be used as an effective stage monitor as well.

A balanced XLR out can be used for as a DI for stage or studio work but also can be used for recording, using the AGA70 as a tube-driven preamplifier. Stereo line inputs can accept the signal from a keyboard or other musical instrument, and an MP3 or CD player can be connected to the Aux input. The amp's tuner output is active even when the main output is muted for silent tuning between songs.An optional footswitch controls an Effect Bypass or All Mute functions.

The AGA70 uses a 6.5" full-range speaker in a ported cabinet voiced for full range response with an output of 70 Watts. It will be available in March 2010 with an MSRP of $ 550.

Compiled from a Vox press release.

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