Marshall releases Dave Mustaine Megastack miniamp

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-16)

Marshall releases Dave Mustaine Megastack miniamp

The name is initially misleading, but Marshall's new Dave Mustaine special edition MG guitar amplifier, dubbed the Megastack will give you Marshall looks a sound in a small package. Megastack implies hugeness, but this amp is in reality a scaled-down version, both in power and size, of the Megadeth guitarist's touring rig. The unit includes a 15-Watt compact head with four channels and two speaker cabinets, one angled and one straight. Each cabinet is loaded with a full-range 10" Celestion speaker.

The cabinets have an open face look with a diamond-pattern, black-powder-coated steel kick grille and black patterned vinyl covering. A 4-channel amplifier patterned after Mustaine’s Marshall JVM rig provides clean, crunch and overdrives through four pre-programmed tones (Clean Absolution, Symphony Chorus, New Wave Of British Metal and Holy Solo). The amp also has three-stage EQ with independent Bass, Middle and Treble controls. The Megastack also has built-in effects including Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay.

A Line Input allows players to jam along with music from an external source for practice and a combination Line Out/ Headphone Out features speaker cabinet emulation so the full Marshall sound is always preserved when recording or practicing through headphones. An optional STOMPWARE® footswitch provides seamless transitioning from sound to sound and access to four additional presets, as well as tap tempo control and a display for the built-in tuner. STOMPWARE technology allows this multi-function pedal to be connected using a traditional guitar cable, eliminating the need for special or hard-to-find cables.

Pricing and availability for the Marshall Dave Mustaine Megastack will be announced shortly.

Compiled from information in a Marshall press release.

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