Marshall's New JMD:1 Amp Combines Tube & Solid State

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-22)

Marshall's New JMD:1 Amp Combines Tube & Solid State

Best known for its towering all-tube guitar amp stacks, Marshall Amplification has introduced the JMD:1 Series. In a new move for the company, the JMD:1 integrates an all-tube power amp, an advanced digital preamp and studio-quality multieffects. Available in either 100- or 50-watt heads or combos, the JMD:1 offers classic Marshall tone in an updated package for the modern guitarist. Marshall has provided many desirable features into the JDM, including Tap-tempo delay, Modulation effects, cabinet emulation and a footswitch controller that connects to the amp via a standard guitar cable. All models will be avialibale in stores beginning February 1, 2010.

The preamp has 16 presets divided into clean, crunch, overdrive, and lead categories; all easily accessed with a single knob. These 16 settings reflect tones from a wide range of current and historic Marshall amps. Unlike preamps that simply mimic a certain sound, the JMD:1 uses complex algorithms to replicate amplifier topologies at the component level. Featuring four fully-programmable channels, the JMD:1 Series amps also include Marshall's STOMPWARE® foot controller, providing instant access to 28 programmable sounds. STOMPWARE® allow the footpedal to be connected to the amplifier with a standard guitar cable.

The JMD:1 uses the acclaimed EL34 pentode vacuum tube to provide the distinctive Marshall sound. The 50-Watt models use two EL34's; the 100-Watt models uses four. External speaker jacks are provided in both 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm configurations. The design allows changes in the digital preamp settings to affect the tubepower stage, creating a more "musical" and well-defined character for each sound.

JMD:1 effects fall into three categories. Modulation Effects include a choice of Chorus, Phaser, Flanger or Tremolo. The Delay offers Tap-Tempo timing, as well as Hi-Fi, Analog, Tape or Multi-voicings. The custom-voiced Reverb operates independently. The Series/Parallel FX Loop offers a dedicated Dry/Wet Mix control.

Back panel features include a balanced XLR line output with emulated speaker cabinet characteristics making it possible to get cab sound without miking cabinets. A Standby/Silent Recording mode allows this output to be used to mute speakers for recording. Headphone Output, Line Input, and unbalanced 1/4" Line Output are also provided, and MIDI ports allow up to 128 sound memories to be accessed via MIDI.


JMD100 100 Watt Head $1500
JMD102 100 Watt 2 x 12" Combo $1650
JMD50 50 Watt Head $1350
JMD501 50 Watt 1 x 12" Combo $1550

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