Marshall premieres MA Series guitar amps

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-23)

Marshall premieres MA Series guitar amps

Marshall Amplification has rolled out its MA Series guitar amplifiers, designed for budget-conscious players who are looking for Marshall's classic all-tube sound in the traditional Marshall black and gold design with the white Marshall logo.

Avialable in 50- and 100-watt head or combo versions (50W head is pictured above with a standard Marshall cabinet), each amp has two channels, Clean and Overdrive, each with its own volume control and three-band EQ.g. The Overdrive Channel is equipped with an additional Gain knob, a Boost switch, and Crunch Balance knob. The Gain knob adds an additional level of gain staging, providing the classic Marshall crunch sound. The Boost switch delivers more guts for soloing or metal riffing. The Crunch Balance knob sets the level difference between the Overdrive and Boost levels, effectively giving the player three-channel sound. A footswitch is included. Presence and Resonance controls in the Master section provide more overall tonal control, and a spring reverb is built in.

The power amp stage features either two (50-Watt models) or four (100-Watt models) EL34 pentode tubes; the preamp stage uses three ECC83 (12AX7) dual triode tubes. The rear panel offers Serial FX Loop In and Out jacks and both 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm speaker outputs. All models are currently available in stores or for order.


MA50H 50-Watt Amplifier Head MSRP: $950
MA50C 50-Watt Combo Amplifier MSRP: $1000
MA100H 100-Watt Amplifier Head MSRP: $1100.00
MA100C 100-Watt Combo Amplifier MSRP: $1250.00

Compiled from a Marshall press release.

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