Marshall shows affordable, entry-level combo amp

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-25)

Marshall shows affordable, entry-level combo amp

Marshall Amplification has rolled out the Class5, a 5-Watt combo guitar amplifier that provides all-tube tone in a simple format that will carry a street price of less than $500.

The Class5 provides top access to controls (pictured above) including Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls, and a single Volume knob. Set at low volume low, the Class5 delivers a sweet, clean sound. Positioning the volume knob at 12 o'clock offers the familiar Marshall valve-amp crunch; pushing the knob to 3 o'clock provides crunch for soloing and heavier rhythm playing.

The Class5 features a 2 x ECC83 double triode preamp stage; a single EL84 pentode provides 5 Watts of power more than enough for a Class A amp of this design. The Class A tone heavier on second harmonic distortion is never harsh and delivers a natural, warm sound. The Class5 features a hand-built, birch-ply cabinet with interlocking finger construction. Black Levant covering and grillecloth give the amp a vintage look.

A 10" Celestion G10F-15 loudspeaker has been specially designed for the Class5. The speaker provides the solid low-end that is often missing in combo amps of this size, while retaining an open sound that reflects the Class5s harmonic content. The 16-Ohm speaker can be bypassed to hook up an external cabinet; a headphone output is also provided. Use of the headphone jack also bypasses the internal speaker for private practice with complete tone intact.

MSRP: $560

Compiled from a Marshall press release.

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