Two new miniamps from Marshall

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-16)

Two new miniamps from Marshall

I don't know if the Austin Powers movies with "Mini-me" started a trend, but it seems everyone has a "mini" guitar amp for sale. Marshall is no exception and has rolled out two new models at Winter NAMM 2010, the MG2FX Mini and the MG15FXMS Micro Stack.

MG2FX Mini Guitar Amplifier
The 2-Watt MG2FX (pictured above) offers a user-friendly interface consisting of four dual-function knobs (augmented by a Tap/Shift button and a single-character LED display) to provide instant access to 10 gain stage settings, 5 digital effects, a two-band EQ and a tuner. The MG2FX can run on battery power (via six “C” cells) but also includes an AC adapter. The Gain and Volume knobs – along with the 10-position Mode knob – provide popular tone flavors, including a clean tone, the famous Marshall “crunch,” and all the overdrive needed for lead work. Digital Reverb and Delay are built in, with a “Tap” button for setting the delay time (holding down the Tap/Shift button also activates the onboard tuner). Chorus, Phasing or Flanging effects can be added. The MG2FX includes a line input and a headphone output allows for private practice and also serves as a line output for recording or for connection to a larger sound system. A 6 1/2" speaker delivers Marshall sound.

MG15FXMS Micro Stack
The three-piece MG15FXMS Micro Stack includes a 15-Watt head plus two matching speaker cabinets – one angled, one straight, each loaded with a full-range 10" speaker. Preserving the best features of the MG4 series, the MG15FXMS provides a three-band EQ section and features four programmable channels – Clean, Crunch, Overdrive1, and Overdrive2 – to provide a wide range of tone colors from a single amplifier. Push-button channel switching offers smooth, silent transitions. Digital Reverb is built in along with a full complement of Digital Effects – Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay. The Delay time can be set using the Tap button on the front panel, and the Effects are programmable to match each channel.

A Line Input allows players to jam along with tracks and a combination headphone/recording jack with cabinet emulation allows the full Marshall sound when recording or practicing through headphones. The optional STOMPWARE® footswitch provides seamless transitioning from sound to sound, as well as tap tempo control and display for the built-in tuner. STOMPWARE technology allows this multi-function pedal to be connected using a traditional guitar cable – eliminating the need for special or hard-to-find cables.

MG2FX Mini: $186
MG15FXMS Micro: $510.

Compiled from a Marshall press release.

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