Korg Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer debuts

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-18)

Korg Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer debuts

Drum synthesizer pads have come a long way since the first one debut in the '70s and can now make many more sounds than "PeoooooinG Zow! and Boooung." Now Korg offers the affordable, next-generation WAVEDRUM Digital Percussion Synthesizer.

WAVEDRUM can be used as a stand-alone percussion instrument, or integrated into an existing drum kit or percussion rig. Unlike digital trigger-based systems, WAVEDRUM uses a real drum head as the playing surface, providing an authentic feel rather than the stiff bounce and wrist-ache producing rubber pads of some other drum synthesizers. In fact, says Korg, the WAVEDRUM responds sticks, brushes, mallets and/or traditional hand-drum techniques (mute, slap, bend, etc.).

There are two playing surfaces on WAVEDRUM: the head and the rim. Under the head is an audio transducer, similar to a microphone. This transducer drives WAVEDRUM’s DSP and PCM sound engines, providing a far more expressive and natural playing experience than trigger-based systems that rely on PCM playback alone. The rim is outfitted with different-sized raised patterns on the left and right sides. In addition to using the rim as a traditional playing surface, rubbing a stick or mallet over these raised patterns can create interesting percussion effects, similar to an Afro-Cuban güiro, for example.

In addition to the giving the user the ability to create new and unusual sounds, WAVEDRUM also re-creates percussion instruments from around the planet starting with the familiar cajon, congas and tabla. More exotic instruments the WAVEDRUM replicates include the udo, a clay pod percussion instrument; the jegog, a bamboo gamelan marimba from the island of Bali; a talking drum from Africa; gongs, and many others. WAVEDRUM can even reproduce exotic stringed instruments such as the sitar, koto, and berimbau. This versatility allows the WAVEDRUM to replace many percussion instruments, saving room onstage, and should be welcome in orchestra pits, studios and classrooms.

100 preset programs and 100 user programs are stored in memory, with 12 favorites available for instant access. Reverb and Delay effects add depth and character to the sound.

MSRP $850.

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