LX Jimmy Buffet

(MattG | Posted 2010-01-20)

LX Jimmy Buffet

Sit back and grab your cheeseburger in paradise because Martin is unveiling the LX Jimmy Buffet beach guitar. Finally, a guitar that is made specifically for having a good time at the beach. And who better to sponsor that guitar then Jimmy Buffet, maybe Kenney Chesney but Jimmy has seniority here. Martin has several models of the LX. The “Little Martin” series is in the style of a 0 parlor guitar except it has a fourteen fret body instead of the traditional twelve. These were originally added to the Martin’s line as a beginner guitar for children too small for a full scale guitar. They also were a fairly affordable entry level option for someone who wanted to sport the Martin logo without breaking the bank. The line has since become Martin’s way to create inexpensive signature models such as Jimmy Buffet, and Elvis.

The guitar has a high pressure laminate back and sides with a nice picture of Hawaiian Koa to keep the beach theme. Surprisingly, the top is real Sitka spruce and not a laminate. It features a cool ocean scene with casual palm trees and meandering sail boat and it all is set on a sunburst canvas. This way even if you aren’t on the beach you can look at your guitar and it will take you straight to Margaretville. The guitar also uses a Micarta fingerboard, Corian nut, and Tusk saddle. Martin is doing their best to create a usable guitar while trying to keep the cost down.

Even with laminate back and sides, the Little Martins sound pretty good. The entry level LX is a much better choice than the soundless Martin backpacker and is nearly as small. It is a good go anywhere instrument. The Jimmy Buffet model is a bit spendy at $649, when the entry level is $419 and has all the same features. But to some, the extra $230 will be worth it to have a little piece of Jimmy Buffet in their life.

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